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Care Tips for Cactuses

Most of us including myself thinks cactuses don’t need much water and loves direct sun,  from my experiences and reading a lot about cactuses and succulents is a myth.    There are 2 different species of cactuses,  jungle and desert,  most of us unless you live in a state such as Arizona or similar we tend to have the jungle cactuses.  Jungle cactuses needs to be watered about twice a week during the hot season and thrives in morning sun and afternoon shade.  I have already lost some cactuses from direct afternoon sun.   If you want your cactuses and succulents to thrive, and not burn provide afternoon shade.

Since I have moved my cactus rack to face the east and have a sun block shade behind it to provide shade I have been noticing them grow and bloom.  This month of July is usually hot and very dry but for some reason this year we have been recieving a good amount of rain so I do cover the racks if it rains more than twice in one week.

Now the desert types of cactuses which are in the Madagascar family is most likely the ones that grows in Arizona, California, Nevada and similar states.


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